Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Inspiration: Granny Square Purses

When creating a granny square bag or purse I would recommend using a smaller size crochet hook or placing a lining within your bag so items are not falling through the holes.  The exception would be when you are creating a beach bag so you do not have sand within the lining itself.  You can use many different types of granny squares to create a wide range of bags and purses.  I recently came across a simple granny square bag with the price tag of almost $3000.00

Lots of images available for granny square purses!

Here's a few video tutorials for granny square bags to get you started...
Fat Bottom Bag
Easy Crochet Beach or Park Bag Pt1
Easy Crochet Beach or Park Bag Pt2

Can't forget the handles!
Handles for the Fat Bottom Bag

Then the lining and zipper... 
Adding Lining and Zippers to Purses and Bags Pt1
Adding Lining and Zippers to Purses and Bags Pt2

Here's a chart demonstrating a few different ways you can put granny squares together to create a bag or purse. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tutorial: Creating a Granny Square

There's a few different ways to make a granny square and several generous people out there that have shared their time and talents to show others how to crochet granny squares.  Below is a list of resources from start to finish that can help you create your own granny squares.

(Keep in mind that many people have different ways of crocheting and no way is right or wrong)

Learn the Stitches

Chain (ch) by amyjdenham
Double Crochet (dc) by amyjdenham

Tips and Tricks

How to make a Magic Circle (aka Magic Ring) by ChemKnits Tutorials
Making a double crochet at the beginning of your round rather than a chain 3 with Moogly.
Seamless join (use this before finishing off) by Playin' Hooky Designs
Join as you go by WEBS

Basic Granny Square

Traditional Granny Square  (recommended if not using Moogly's beginning double crochet from above)
Crochet Crowd 
Crochet Cabana
The Humble Granny Square with pictures by Renate Kirkpatrick

Half Granny Square

Crochet Geek (made with magic loop and creates a triangle which two can be sewn together)
dontfencemein1979 (full square with multicolored half squares)

Afghan Sizes

Baby Sizes:
Lovey 10x10
Security  14x17
Stroller  30x35
Receiving 40x40
Toddler 42x52
Swaddle 47x47

Adult Sizes
Throw 52x60
Twin 59x85
Queen 90x90
Super Queen 96x94
King 108x90

Friday, March 21, 2014

Inspiration: Granny Square Blankets

Here's a few different blanket styles you can make with simple granny squares...

Create one large granny square, such as this Rainbow Granny Square blanket. Remember, you can use as many or as few colors you want alternating at different times to make some rows wider than others, even stopping before a row is complete.  Different shades of one color along with black appeals to me.

Rainbow Granny Square Blanket 

Solid colored squares without borders can be used too, such as with this Ta Dah Granny Square Patchwork Blanket.  The size of the squares can be larger or smaller than shown here giving a new look with each increase or decrease in square size.


Black Edged Retro was made using a variety of colors within each of the squares.  This would make a great scrap yarn afghan!  Try using different shades of one color for each square or complementary colors for an extra pop.


You can even mock plaid as they have with the Plaid Granny Blanket.  Also, when finished with this blanket crocheted chains can be added and weaved in and out for more of a plaid look. 

Create images that have a pixel feel such as this  8-Bit Super Mario Blanket   The possibilities are endless... just find yourself a free online program that can be used to turn images into graphs such as knitpro and you are well on your way (just remember to downsize the pixel count). 


The squares can even be different sizes too, like this New Baby Blanket.   This can be tricky when trying to figure out the correct size for each piece but using this picture as a guide may make things easier.  :o)  All the same conversions mentioned earlier would look great on this pattern also.  You can even add an image in the center or the corners by using small squares to create the image!


Not to mention you can create quilting patterns from crocheted granny squares such as those below...

Unfortunately, I have no idea who the original creator of this afghan is but the color and pattern is pretty awesome and it shows how putting squares together in an organized way can really have amazing results. 

You can also create have granny squares which opens up even more options for quilted granny square afghans.  Try using any quilting block that uses simple squares and triangles for even more choices.  Below is just one example (from CraftSylish) to show what a half granny square can accomplish.

Add a sock monkey to the mix or any other motif you wish...

Sock Monkey Granny Square Blanket  – Red and Gray Crochet Baby Blanket / Afghan with Sock Monkey Applique – 31 x 31 Size. $60.00, via Etsy.

... and even a stuffed animal such as this free Bunny Lovey pattern shows.

Crochet Bunny Lovey - Free Pattern by The Stitchin' Mommy www.thestitchinmommy.com

As you can see the possibilities are never ending...  There's actually thousands, if not millions of combinations when you begin to consider the many different types of granny squares, all the above being only one.  This is truly just the tip of the iceberg!